Thursday, 15 November 2012

She Said No...But She Didn't Mean It

Rape myths are so commonplace in society, that individuals do not even know what is real and what is myth. Let's set the record straight.

Myth #1: 
Women are responsible for their own rape or assault
Truth #1:
Women are NEVER responsible for their own attack - the onus is on the ATTACKER

Myth #2:
There is a usual reaction by women, if they do not react in this way, they are lying
Truth #2:
Every person is different and responds differently to an attack - just because there are no tears, does not mean the woman is not scarred

Myth #3:
In most sexual assault cases, women will have cuts, bruises or other injuries
Truth #3:
Emotional trauma is just as hurtful as physical trauma and not all rape includes physical violence

Women are "asking for it"
Truth #4:
NOBODY is asking for it and NOBODY deserves it - REGARDLESS of they way they are dressed, the way they act, or where they spend their time

Myth #5:
Sexual assault is impulsive and uncontrollable
Truth #5:
They are about CONTROL, POWER and DOMINANCE  - they are usually PLANNED ATTACKS

Myth #6:
If there is no struggle, there is no assault
Truth #6:
Fear is powerful, and it is crippling - the issue is not physical resistance - it is CONSENT

Myth #7:
Only attractive women get raped
Truth #7:
The attractiveness is irrelevant 

Myth #8:
Going home with a man on the first date sends the wrong message about sex
Truth #8:
This woman is NOT OBLIGATED to do anything

Myth #9:
Women often falsely report out of anger for boyfriends/husbands
Truth #9:
Sexual assault is one of the MOST UNDERREPORTED crimes

Myth #10:
Rape would not traumatize a prostitute
Truth #10:
Rape is about violence, and these prostitutes are NOT asking for it!

Myth #11:
The victim of the attack is the only one who suffers
Truth #11:
It affects the victims friends, family and neighbours - and the fear affects ALL WOMEN

Myth #12:
Husbands and boyfriends cannot be offenders of sexual assault
Truth #12:
Women have the RIGHT to say no - this right is protected by Canadian law

Since when is saying no, not enough? Since when do victims become the offenders? 

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