Friday, 16 November 2012

Rapelay - Innocent Fun?

For those of you who think the rape culture is not prevalent in the gaming industry, you are sadly mistaken!

RapeLay is a video game that was created in 2006 that has since been deemed illegal and pulled from shelves, however it is still widely available online and people SEEK IT OUT!

The game centers on the male protagonist, whos goal is to stalk and rape a mother and her two daughters - the player is IN CONTROL of the situation, the sexual position and how much dominance he takes over these women. 

In forums for the game questions such as "Right, so I've been playing this for a while and filly broke one of the girls...but in doing so, I got her pregnant. I've read various FAQs but none of them are specific on how to choose an abortion in the game. Is there anything specific I'm supposed to do, or will the option just show up in 2p mode next time I choose her?" see:

When I have talked about this game to people, I get the same reaction "WHAT?! THIS GAME EXISTS?!" It exists, and it is scary. People think it is fun to terrorize, demean, rape, assault women, and if that is not enough, they can get them pregnant and abort these babies.

RapeLay - How can you say that it is just innocent fun? Since when is it a game to terrorize women?


  1. When I was 11 I was abducted by a father and son deo, and for a two month period I was a sex toy. I can't handle physical contact, completely damaged, I'm still attracted to men, but when I get near one all I can think about is wrapping my fingers around their necks and choking the life out of them.

    And I don't lose sleep over this game — rapists aren't sitting on the internet downloading rape games.

    What really matters, more than anything, not all people who play these games are men. Quite a few women have fantasies about being dominated. Not being responsible for your actions, and having somebody take charge. Just like the twilight fandom. :3

  2. To the OP: please learn the difference between fantasy and reality.this game was made by japan,do you know their rape rate? i bet not and do you know their rates at ALL? sure you dont there either.let me help you with that.They have the lowest crime rate IN THE WORLD,what does that mean? it means these people know what the difference between sexual fantasies and true crime is.because of these so called *People think it is fun to terrorize, demean, rape, assault women, and if that is not enough, they can get them pregnant and abort these babies.* they also have the highest marriage success rate *gasp* but im sure you wouldnt know anything about *spicing up a sex life* if someone is SO demented to blame this game for ANY crime rate *which im assuming you are* then they need to be removed from the human world and locked away because THEY are the true threat.

  3. It would be better that i sat at home,fulfilling fantasies with my wife or self then be some sick bastard who goes out and commits a true crime.I play this game and i would kill a man for hurting a woman.Do not EVER assume otherwise.As the saying goes *if you dont like it,piss off*